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New Company, New Challenge, New Xpirit

About 10 years ago I decided to make a career switch. I decided to leave my Systems Administrator role to someone else and became a Software Engineer. I was hired by Sogeti Netherlands as a (not-so) Young Professional Software Engineer at the age of 28. I worked at various customers to build software solution in C# and ASP.NET. I got a lot of experience with design patterns, ORMs and other frameworks. In 2008 Sogeti signed...

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Windows Azure IaaS Released for GA

So, today came the moment we’ve all been waiting on for so long. Microsoft’s IaaS offering was available to us in Preview for quite some time now, but Microsoft wanted to make it just right.  Today Windows Azure IaaS was released for General Availability. As Corey Sanders stated in many presentations: If it’s going to be better, it better be better! And today, Microsoft is confident enough to say that it’s better! Appreciate the Small...

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Windows Azure Active Directory on Existing Subscription

The last time I checked, I needed to create a new Windows Azure subscription, using my onmicrosoft.com account, for enabling Windows Azure Active Directory in the Windows Azure management portal. Today I found out that this isn’t the case anymore… Creating a Windows Azure AD Tenant on an Existing Subscription Creating an new Windows Azure Active Directory tenant is as easy as, for instance, creating a new Service Bus namespace. First you open the management...

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Global Windows Azure Bootcamp

So, if you like Windows AzureConf 2013 and now you want to get your hands dirty and try all this cool stuff out yourself, there good news for you! Just four days after Windows AzureConf, on April 27th, the Windows Azure community organizes a boot camp event on a global scale. Global Windows Azure Bootcamp is a free training event where you can get guidance on how to learn all the aspects of the Windows...

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Windows AzureConf 2013

On April 23rd, Microsoft will be hosting Windows AzureConf, a free event for the Windows Azure community. This event will feature a keynote presentation by Scott Guthrie, along with numerous sessions executed by Windows Azure community members. Streamed live for an online audience on Channel 9, the event will allow you to see how developers just like you are using Windows Azure to develop robust, scalable applications on Windows Azure. Community members from all over...

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OSS VM Image depot for Windows Azure

Just recently MS Open Technologies released a depot for finding and sharing Open Source (OSS) VM images. VM Depot is a community-driven catalog of preconfigured operating systems, applications, and development stacks that can easily be deployed on Windows Azure. Find your favorite software and deploy it in minutes, or join the community, build a virtual machine image, and share it with others.     VM Depot was released last week and already contains over 40 images....

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Eclipse Day 2012 in Delft

On September 27th there will be another Eclipse Day in Delft. This year the focus will be on tools and techniques to support the software development process, including software maintenance. Visitors of the day will learn how to manage the software development lifecycle with Eclipse-based tooling. Program 08:30 – 09:00 Registration and Coffee09:00 – 09:20 Opening by Erik Meijer (Professor at TU Delft and Head of the Cloud Programmability Team at Microsoft)09:20 – 09:50 Talk...

Webinar: Running Java on Windows Azure 2

Webinar: Running Java on Windows Azure

Please join me on Wednesday July 25th at 5.00 PM (US Eastern Time or GMT-5) and learn how to your Java applications on Windows Azure. Running Java on Windows Azure (level 300-400) When looking for a Cloud platform to host your Java applications there are a lot of providers to choose from. Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform is one of these platforms, which offers a rich set of services that can be used with any language...

How this blog came about? – Windows Azure Websites 1

How this blog came about? – Windows Azure Websites

After June 7th a new feature called ‘Windows Azure Websites’ was announced and is now in preview available to everyone. I knew this was coming and I promised myself that when it would be available, I would start a new blog in stead of my old blog, Cloudy Thoughts, hosted in Windows Azure Websites. First let me explain what Windows Azure Websites are. Before June 7th, when we wanted to deploy an existing web application...

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Describing the WindowsAzure.Plugins. ProcessExplorer NuGet Package

I was preparing myself for an “Under the Hood of Windows Azure” session a couple of days ago and I decided to watch the TechEd 2011 session done by Mark Russinovich called “Inside Windows Azure” once more. In doing this I noticed that Mark has ProcessExplorer installed as the default Task Manager in his Windows Azure Role instances. I must acknowledge that this is a great tool for debugging processes and getting to know the...


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